MiddleClick is a dashboard for your desktop and web applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions below may answer your query.

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    Can I change the size of the MiddleClick dashboard from 4x4?

    The size of the MiddleClick dashboard is customizable from 1x1 right up to 10x10 with anything in-between, such as 2x5. The User Guide explains how to customize one of the existing dashboard themes. Folders can also be used to create collections of apps on the dashboard and tags allow you do the same within MiddleClick search.

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    How can I add bookmarks from Firefox, Chrome or Safari to MiddleClick?

    Your bookmarks are available by pressing the mouse wheel, scrolling to the second page of the dashboard and pressing the Bookmarks button. If you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari instead of Internet Explorer, you will also need to install the free bookmark sync tool from xmarks for both Internet Explorer and your chosen browser.

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    What determines the order of apps in MiddleClick search?

    MiddleClick learns more about you as time progresses. Each time you run an app using MiddleClick, the app will be promoted so that over time all of your most used apps appear at the top of the search list. The same applies to the parameters that you use with each app.

    Adding new items to MiddleClick is best done by using drag-and-drop, the settings UI (copy-and-paste) or adding a custom indexer. To change the ranking of an app right from the start, you can edit the human-readable XML and edit the weight attributes. This is best left to advanced users because you could just run the app to improve its ranking.

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    How many computers can I install MiddleClick on with a registered license?

    You can install MiddleClick on as many computers as you like as long as you do not exceed two running copies at any one time. So a single license allows you to run MiddleClick on both your laptop and desktop computers at the same time provided that no other person is able to use MiddleClick.

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    What are the minimum system requirements for MiddleClick?

    MiddleClick requires a PC with Windows 7, Vista or XP, a screen resolution of at least 1024 by 768 pixels at a color depth of 32 bits and a connection to the Internet. MiddleClick has been designed to use the minimal amount of system resources and so there are no specific memory or processor speed requirements.

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    Can I use MiddleClick on a notebook or a machine without a scroll wheel?

    Yes. A middle click can be simulated on some notebooks by pressing both trackpad buttons simultaneously. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcuts.

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    What are the keyboard shortcuts for MiddleClick?

    The following hotkeys are defined by default:

    • Ctrl + Space – opens home page (alternative to middle click)
    • Alt + Space – opens home search (alternative to double middle click)

    The home page can also be opened by holding down the apps key which is located to the right of the space bar. Search can also be opened by holding down the left win key which is located to the left of the space bar. This option is disabled by default.

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    Can I still use the scroll wheel, win and apps keys while MiddleClick is running?

    Yes. The duration that the scroll wheel [win and apps keys] must be held down before MiddleClick is activated is configurable and so the scrolling [start and context-menu] function of the button [keys] remains available by clicking [pressing] for a shorter duration. In the Setup page of the settings console, increase the minimum time from the default to around 250ms.

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    How do I open the MiddleClick settings?

    The Settings User Interface is opened by either double clicking the MiddleClick icon in the system tray or right-double clicking an item or folder on the dashboard.

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    Where are the MiddleClick data stored?

    MiddleClick stores all of its data in a settings XML file named MiddleClick.xml. By default the location of the MiddleClick settings file is the application data directory of MiddleClick. An alternative location may be specified in the MiddleClick.options file that is located in the installation folder.