MiddleClick is a dashboard for your desktop and web applications.

Screenshot of MiddleClick search

Browse your apps
Click the scroll wheel on your mouse to display the dashboard Home page and flick the scroll wheel to browse through all of your apps.

Dock your apps
Double click a dashboard page to make it stick. Then drag-and-drop a shortcut, file, folder or URL to dock it on the page.

Search your apps
Double click the scroll wheel to display dashboard Search. Start typing a name to instantly search through all of your apps.

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MiddleClick runs in the background on your computer waiting for you to display the dashboard Home page or Search by clicking or double-clicking the scroll wheel on your mouse. Your Applications and Favorites are automatically synchronized with the dashboard. You can add new apps by docking them on the dashboard or by using the development environment.

Screenshot of the MiddleClick dashboard

The dashboard is pre-configured with apps for Google and Twitter. The Google app will jump straight to the results of your search. All of your searches will be saved automatically and ranked according to the frequency that you use them. The Twitter app posts status updates directly to your Twitter account without the need to even open a web page.

Personalize your dashboard by adding apps to:

  • Launch desktop and web applications
  • Open documents, folders and websites
  • Send mail and update your status

You can even organize your apps into folders.

Feature List

A summary of the MiddleClick feature list is as follows.

  • Dashboard and Search
  • App development environment
  • Themes: Gold, Chrome, Aqua and Princess
  • Icon sets: Sleek XP Software and Folders
  • Zero impact on screen space
  • Minimal use of system resources

Behind the simplicity of the interface is a comprehensive desktop automation system. MiddleClick is the next generation application launcher – the ultimate productivity tool.