MiddleClick is a dashboard for your desktop and web applications.

Stacks, grids and hotkeys

Screenshot of a dashboard stack

Some exciting new enhancements to MiddleClick are available in the latest version. To accompany the default and search views of containers on the dashboard, we are introducing two new views: stacks and grids. A stack displays the contents of a container as a one-dimensional list and a grid displays the contents of a container as a two-dimensional array. In each case, the container opens and closes with a graceful and stylish animation.

Screenshot of a dashboard grid

A hotkey allows you to assign a global keyboard shortcut to run an app or open a container. The following hotkeys are defined by default:

  • Ctrl + Space – opens home page (alternative to middle click)
  • Alt + Space – opens home search (alternative to double middle click)
  • Win + A – searches all of your installed applications
  • Win + G – jumps straight to the Google search app

All of these hotkeys are configurable from the settings console. Moreover, a single hotkey can be assigned to multiple items. You could use this feature to open several websites with a single hotkey, for instance.

Other changes in this release include the ability to edit and copy indexer items, the addition of HTML styling to tooltips and scalability improvements.

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