MiddleClick is a dashboard for your desktop and web applications.

MiddleClick Search

Screenshot of MiddleClick Search

MiddleClick Search allows you to search through all of the macros on the MiddleClick menu. Hold down the left Windows key or double click the middle mouse button to display the Search window. Enter the name of the macro and instant search will filter the results as you type. Search tags can be assigned to macros and folders in the User Interface so that you can search for the Google search macro, say, with either the search or google keywords. The spelling corrector will ensure that goooogle also finds the Google search macro. The results are initially displayed in alphabetical order, but change over time so that the macros that you use most frequently rise to the top of the list.

Macro parameters may be entered into the search box along with the macro name. This allows you to enter search top ten downloads to search Google for the top ten music downloads. The parameters that you enter are available in the drop down list, again ordered by frequency of use, the next time that you use the macro.

With the introduction of Indexers, MiddleClick has evolved into a Desktop Search Engine. The default macros include indexers for your Applications and Favorites. Indexed items are available on the Search window and can be displayed on the MiddleClick menu.

MiddleClick is now also a Dock giving you the ability to drag-and-drop onto the menu. Double left click to toggle the stickiness of the MiddleClick menu and drag a shortcut, file or folder from your Program Files, Desktop or Windows Explorer onto the menu. The MiddleClick menu now displays pages of macros that can be scrolled through using the scroll wheel or arrow keys. Other changes include the creation of the app interface and support for 64-bit operating systems and multiple monitors.

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