MiddleClick is a dashboard for your desktop and web applications.

Firefox automation with Chickenfoot

In this release of MiddleClick you will see some significant changes. The web and url automation interfaces have been completed. The web interface integrates with the MiddleClick extension for Firefox. This allows MiddleClick macros to manipulate web pages and automate web browsing. The MiddleClick extension for Firefox uses the Chickenfoot API which also supports the Greasemonkey API. This provides compatibility with the thousands of Greasemonkey scripts that are available from userscripts.org.

Screenshot of the Google maps macro

A macro that uses the web interface is Google maps. Simply enter the start and end addresses for your journey and press return to go straight to the map as if you have typed it into the Google maps page.

Another example is the Google search macro that will jump straight to the results of your search. Using the macro parameters technology all of your searches will be saved automatically and ranked according to the frequency that you use them.

Screenshot of the Twitter macro

The url interface allows MiddleClick macros to communicate with web service APIs. The Twitter macro uses the url interface to post a status update directly to your Twitter account without the need to even open a web page. As you can see the macro window is fully themed with the controls using the Visual Styles framework.

As well as the automation interfaces, MiddleClick now has support for multiple active script languages, including JavaScript and Python. In fact, JavaScript is now the default macro language for MiddleClick.

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